Types of Bullying


  1. VERBAL BULLYING - the use of words to make someone feel scared, upset, or uncomfortable. Examples include: swearing, any unkind words, and name calling.
  2. PHYSICAL BULLYING - the use of force either from objects or body to make someone feel scared, upset, or uncomfortable. Examples include: hitting, kicking, pushing, spitting, and throwing objects at someone.
  3. CYBER BULLYING - making another person feel scared, upset, or uncomfortable through the use of online media (ex: snapchat, instagram, facebook, musically, gaming, etc.). Examples include: unkind words, mean videos to someone, inappropriate online chatting, and spreading rumors online.
  4. SOCIAL BULLYING - making others feel scared, upset, or uncomfortable in a social setting. Examples include: ignoring others for the purpose of excluding them, telling other students not to be their friend, rumors, and telling others not to play with them.


  • BULLY - someone who starts the bullying behavior and takes an active part
  • TARGET - the person who is being bullied
  • FOLLOWERS - anyone who takes an active part but does not start the bullying behavior
  • BYSTANDERS- someone who sees someone use bullying behavior but does not take part
  • DEFENDERS - someone who dislikes the bullying and tries to help the one who is bullied


  1. BE BRAVE: Hold your head high, have good posture and stand up for yourself, say to the bully, "Please stop, I don't like it when you..."
  2. IGNORE THE BULLY BY WALKING AWAY: Keep you head up and walk away. This won't stop the bully forever and this is hard to do but sometimes you just need to get out of the situation, especially if your alone.
  3. USE A BUDDY SYSTEM: Be around your friends. Plan to have friends near you when you are most likely to be targeted: recess, walking to school or on your way home.
  4. BE CONFIDENT: Bullies don't like confident people. For whatever reason, the bully feels like they have more power than you. Have a good time with your friends, laugh and show the bully that you are happy about the person you are.
  5. TELL AN ADULT: If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, hurt or sad about what is going on tell an adult. You need to get help. Bullying needs to be documented and the bully needs to know that the school won't tolerate what they are doing.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you would like to talk more about a specific situation please feel free to see me or stop by my office.

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