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Calming Strategies to Practice at Home

This article is a list of strategies you might find helpful when experiencing big emotions at home such as anger, sadness, and grief.

Helpful Websites for Kids and Teens

This article is a list of websites that can be helpful for kids and teens. They address issues from bullying to helping with stressful situations. The following websites are not endorsed by the Jefferson County Public School System. Please be cautious and courteous when online. Do not give out any personal information. Always ask an adult before going online. If you see something say something and tell a trusted adult.

Growth Mindset - what is it?

We used to think that our intelligence was fixed - meaning we were either smart or we weren't. Scientists have proven again and again that simply is not true. Our brain acts like a muscle - the more we use it, the stronger (and smarter) our brain becomes.

Types of Bullying

Types of Bullying

This month's topic for Student Support is Bullying Preventio

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