School Wide Guidance Activities

The following activities will be conducted school wide in an effort to bring awareness to character building and healthy choices.

September - Wonder Certified Kind Classroom

Students will participate in a lesson where they will learn about bullying prevention. They will learn that through this program our school will be a safe and fun place to learn and grow. Driswood is enrolled in the Wonder Certified Kind Classroom. We will participate in three activities centered around being kind to others. These activities will be included in our classroom guidance lessons.

Make agreements with your child and expect him to follow through.

When things go wrong, help your child take responsibility for his/her part and make a plan to do things differently next time.

Encourage your child to find out more about the world and how his actions may affect others far away.


October - Red Ribbon/Safety

October 2-13th Students will be learning about personal safety. They will learn ways to keep themselves safe in a dangerous situation including but not limited to stranger danger and fire safety.

October 23-27th Students will participate in a week long program to help promote awareness on drug and alcohol abuse as well as making healthy choices. Each day of the week will have a different theme for students to follow. Please check back for more information on themes and activities.

November - Compassion and Cooperation

This month students will focus on compassion and cooperation as we begin the season of giving. They will learn that it is not only material items that make others feel good but acts of kindness that last forever. Students will participate in a school wide drive to help provide food, clothing, and other necessary items to support local families in need. This is a great time of year to offer assistance and volunteer your time to help others. Below is a list of ways you can reinforce this trait at home.

Talk about the point of view of others as you watch TV, read books or discuss other people with your child. For example, ask, "What do you think that character is feeling and thinking?"

Show care toward others, such as doing errands for sick neighbors or opening doors for others.

Give others the benefit of the doubt. If your child complains that a classmate deliberately pushed her down on the way to lunch, explain that sometimes when people are in a hurry, they don't watch where they're going-they don't mean to push or hurt anyone.

December - Being a community hero

This is a great way to help them feel good about themselves and others. As well as learn that their small acts can have a big impact on our community. Below is a list of ways you can reinforce this trait at home.

bake cookies for a loved one

send a picture or card in the mail

donating toys and clothes

helping a neighbor

simply singing a song to make someone smile

However your children decide to 'give back', be sure to highlight how it will make others feel and discuss their own satisfaction in giving. Reinforce the idea that helping others makes ourselves, as well as others, feel good!

November through the month of May we will begin learning about our new curriculum titled "Peace of Mind". This curriculum is designed to help students socially and emotionally through self regulation and control. To learn more please feel free to contact me.


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