Happy Service Personnel Day, September 23, 2020

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September Menu 9/18-9/30

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Hello DES Families, 

I'm excited to share with you one of the more exciting Driswood/community collaborations in an effort to support student mental health/social emotional needs.   

Trauma informed researchers continue to remind us that moving the body is one of most impactful things we can do to reduce the effects of trauma.  Students will  walk the book walk with their class and take time to discuss different forms of bravery and how they have been brave lately.  

The book and posters were created and given to us by the Shepherdstown Library. 

Mrs. McDonald, School Counselor

Outstanding Owl Fun!
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Thank you PTO for a great
Skating Party!

Outstanding Owl Fun!Outstanding Owl Fun!Outstanding Owl Fun!

Outstanding Owl Fun!

Outstanding Owl Fun!

Ask Ms. Sweeney's Class How they Use QR Codes!

Mrs. Young's Class Participates in Nearpod Activities!

Outstanding Owl Fun!Outstanding Owl Fun!
Outstanding Owl Fun!

Ready for Rainbows at DES!
Outstanding Owl Fun!

Driswood Highlighted!


Image result for Amy VianaTop Education Official Visit

Jefferson County Schools (JCS) had the chance to highlight some of their programs Friday when Aimee Viana, the United States Department of Education Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, visited Driswood Elementary School (DES). Ms. Viana received a tour of the school from DES Principal Kelly Osborne and had a chance to observe teachers and students in the classroom.
The tour included a trauma-informed sensory classroom, a first-grade classroom featuring Balanced Literacy, an essential skill initiative in coding, and a fourth-grade gondola STEM Project. Ms. Viana said she was especially interested in the Balanced Literacy program and the EL Summer Camp hosted at Driswood for the last few years. The ten-day language-rich, cultural experience for English learners in elementary grades across the district is held in the summer. The experience focuses on arts integration as a key strategy for developing English language proficiency in a safe, welcoming environment. The summer experience culminates with a musical performance by participants, which family and community members attend.
Third Grade Students Explore Learning to Celebrate Yourself and Others with Tanya Dallas Lewis!

Outstanding Owl Fun!

Outstanding Owl Fun!
DES Staff Explore
STEM Student Initiative!



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PTO Executive Board Nominations 2020-21
Please send nomination for the PTO executive board positions to Kosborne@k12.wv.us
Positions Open for Nominations are

Vice President
Nominations are open 9/16 through 9/21.

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Welcome Back from
Support Staff!
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Checkout Mr. Ratliff's Class Using the StopMotion App! Click Below!


Congratulation Math Field Day Teams!
Aidyn Smith 1st Place Winner 4th Grade! 

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Outstanding Owl Fun!

100 Days Smarter!

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Outstanding Owl Fun!

Outstanding Owl Fun!

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